[dm-crypt] cryptsetup won't accept password after normal reboot

Arno Wagner arno at wagner.name
Thu Feb 4 08:35:59 CET 2010

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 12:46:46AM +0000, wucherpfennig wrote:
> It's me again. I don't know whether I have to check all languages or anybody can
> explain what happened? 

It looks like you have to check all languages that are possible.
You may narrow it down by looking at what could have happen and
by looking at the characters in your passphrase. For example if 
you have, say, 12 characters and 9 of them are the same on most
keymaps, then you could try a direct brute force.

> (Probably a script could solve this time wasting exercise?)

It could, but iot looks like you have to write it yourself.

> Anyway, I don't think it's about keyboard settings. 

The other option is that you mistyped on creation. One reason
to allways test the passphrase afterwards before doing anything
with the crypto-container.

> (Well I hope it is such a "little" error and nothing serious) I always use
> the settings german switzerland. I remember, while setting up ubuntu, that
> I checked my layout before I entered my password. So I know, what I
> wrote/write. Is there really no way to check my headers or whatever if
> they are broken? 

If this is LUKS, then if it asks you for a passphrase, 
they should be fine. If is is plain dm-crypt, then there 
are no headers that could be corrupt.

> Or which languages do I have to check else? (I checked
> several usa, uk,german, swiss layouts...)

It all depends on what you did wrong. 

> pls some help before I have to run over the whole disk...

I gahther this is a new installation and you would only lose
a few hours of configuration work, correct?

I think in that case, doing it again and this time testing the
password at your earliest oportunity would be the best option.
For an encrypted boot, it may also be highly advisable to thest
whether you can decrypt it witha life-cd or unencrypted recovery


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