[dm-crypt] cryptsetup won't accept password after normal reboot

wucherpfennig studhalter.daniel at bluewin.ch
Tue Feb 9 08:45:52 CET 2010

Am 05.02.2010 18:58, schrieb Arno Wagner:
> On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 10:04:54AM +0000, wucherpfennig wrote:
>> Arno Wagner<arno at ...>  writes:
>>> So you unlocked it sucessfully a number of times and suddenly
>>> this does not work anymore? Any changes, like a different
>>> keyboard?
>> Yes without any problems and no, still same piece of ... well its old ;D
>>> Letters, except 'y' and 'z'. Numbers should be the same.
>>> Specials you will have to try some alternatives.
>>> Sounds doable.
>>> Arno
>> I avoided y z. So there shouldn't be a problem...
>> (Damn I just hope I didn't mess up the whole list. Its kinda mess
>> when i try to
>> answer through the web interface...)
> You answer is a bit distributed over several messages, but no problem.
> What is not really interesting is hwat caused the problem.
> Ok, here are some more ideas: Maybe a key on the keyboard
> is broken and does not work or does not work reliably
> anymore. Maybe actually some othe error happens after
> a successful decrypt an it only looks like it does not
> start.
> Is this plain dm-crypt? (It it is old...)
> Arno

It doesn't seem that there is a error with my keyboard. With a live cd 
an in windows there are no problems with it...

I used the default encryption wich ubuntu suggested. I modified the 
installation but encryption itself is default

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