[dm-crypt] status of dm-crypt (alignment issues) on a SSD

Luca Berra bluca at comedia.it
Thu Dec 2 08:54:13 CET 2010

On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 03:51:24PM +0100, mike dentifrice wrote:
>Any hint would be greatly appreciated (including pointers to up-to-date
>HOWTOs which I may have missed). Also, if you guys know which specific
>feature of linux 2.6.33 is required, it would allow me to check whether
>it's been backported to Debian's 2.6.32 or not.
i dont know about debian and which software version has which feature,

what you need on kernel side is having in sysfs
under /sys/block/<device>

on tool side,
for util-linux
ldd /sbin/fdisk | grep blkid
strings /lib/libblkid.so.1 | grep queue/

for lvm
strings /sbin/lvm |grep queue/

and so on.

Luca Berra -- bluca at comedia.it

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