[dm-crypt] status of dm-crypt (alignment issues) on a SSD

mike dentifrice fluor at poivron.org
Thu Dec 2 12:50:48 CET 2010

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Luca Berra a dit:
> what you need on kernel side is having in sysfs
> under /sys/block/<device>
> queue/minimum_io_size
> queue/optimal_io_size
> queue/physical_block_size

These are present while running Debian's 2.6.32-5 linux kernel.

> on tool side,
> for util-linux
> ldd /sbin/fdisk | grep blkid

$ ldd /sbin/fdisk | grep blkid
        libblkid.so.1 => /lib/libblkid.so.1 (0x00007fd182e63000)

> strings /lib/libblkid.so.1 | grep queue/

$ strings /lib/libblkid.so.1 | grep queue/

> for lvm
> strings /sbin/lvm |grep queue/

$ strings /sbin/lvm | grep queue/

> and so on.

So far, everything seems good as far as I understnad, but should
`cryptsetup` have 'queue' strings as well ? Mine (v1.1.3) doesn't. I
compiled 1.2.0-rc1 and it doesn't either. Is that a stopper of not?


mike dentifrice <fluor at poivron.org>

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