[dm-crypt] Is partial LUKS recovery possible?

Miklos Bagi miklos.bagi at mbjr.hu
Thu Dec 2 15:17:06 CET 2010

Hi Mario,

Gave this a try, cryptsetup create worked fine as suggested.
FS is XFS, there are a number of superblock backups, but can't seem to find one.

Does salt get generated out of this info, or is it something totally random?


> Well, since you know cipher, keysize, offset and the master key, you
> should be able to set up the dm-crypt device manually without the help
> of LUKS via `cryptsetup create'.
>If your suspicion is true, your chances to recover anything primarily
>depend on the filesystem type you created on top of the crypted device.
>Try to find a superblock backup and try to recover the filesystem.

>No need to mention: Keep the original data safe and unmodified, base
>your recovery attempts on image-copies only.

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