[dm-crypt] cryptsetup won't accept password after normal reboot

wucherpfennig studhalter.daniel at bluewin.ch
Thu Feb 4 11:21:26 CET 2010

First: I'm sorry for this strange topic behaviour, but I don't know how to write
real answers (I tried in the test list, but didn't work either).

>I gahther this is a new installation and you would only lose
>a few hours of configuration work, correct?

No. It was a fully working installtion. I wouldn't car that much about this
problem, but I wanted to backup my stuff last weeekend (old backup was messed
up). So basicly I'm standing here without any backup from the last few years... 

>For example if 
>you have, say, 12 characters and 9 of them are the same on most
>keymaps, then you could try a direct brute force.

I had the same idea last night. although my password is about 20 characters long
a brute force attack shouldn't take too long, because there are 4 special Chars
[eg ()_-] and 8 numbers. Letters shouldn't be the problem, numbers too...

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