[dm-crypt] Help! Command failed: /dev/sdd1 is not a LUKS partition

M Thomas Frederiksen mahasamoot at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 23:23:32 CET 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 13:08, Arno Wagner <arno at wagner.name> wrote:

> Why would you, is /dev/mapper/sda3_not fine?

It's fine at the moment.  But expect it not to work as soon as I add the
other volumes to my btrfs.  Remember btrfs has a built-in volume manager.

> > ?  Would that be the same UUID_SUB for other /dev/mapper/sdX_crypts?
> I don't think so.
> > And
> > would grub / boot scripts be smart enough to figure out that it needs all
> > three device files?
> Grub is not involved. What your boot script does, I have no idea.

Grub needs to know how to get the root device(s) setup.


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