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Selim Levy sjtlevy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 01:25:27 CET 2010


I've looked around but can't seem to find the solution to my seemingly
simple problem.  Anything pointing me in the right direction would be highly

I'm running debian (mostly) lenny on an x86_64.  I have been using dm-crypt
on an LVM volume group containing 2 logical volumes: one for my swap and one
for my root partition.  I'm very happy with it and everything is working
perfectly.  Recently, I wanted to install debian lenny to my external USB
hard drive as a "rescue" disk for my internal hard drive.  I have already
installed linux to my external USB drive before and, following a minor tweak
in my GRUB configuration file, everything worked well.  However, I can't
seem to get dm-crypt to work when booting from the external hard drive.

The cause:
During the CD installation of debian, the debian installer associates the
external hard drive to /dev/sdb.  However, following the installation, when
I boot *from* the external hard drive, the system associates it with
/dev/sda.  So essentially, I'm installing linux (and dm-crypt and everything
else) to /dev/sdb, though it will then be called /dev/sda when I boot from

The question:
I've already made the necessary changes to GRUB and the /boot partition is
booting properly -- I can get a busybox prompt -- but I'm unable to continue
booting into the root partition.  Where are the files on /boot located that
must be changed in order for the boot partition to properly deal with the
dm-crypt encrypted LVM volume group?  I have already found the
conf/conf.d/cryptroot file within my initrd image and have modified both
lines in it.  (One line is for the root partition, the other for swap.)
I've modified the 'target=' and the 'source=' entries (on both llines) to
show 'sda3' as opposed to the original 'sdb3'.  What else must be changed?

Thanks in advance!
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