[dm-crypt] configuration files

Bryan Kadzban bryan.kadzban at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 18:10:52 CET 2010

Selim Levy wrote:
> The contents of the rescue's /etc/crypttab, for which I've tried various
> things is:
> # cat crypttab
> sdb3_crypt /dev/sdb3 none luks

So, from 1000 miles away...

Doesn't Debian's initramfs bring up udev and let you use the
/dev/disk/by-*/ symlinks in crypttab?  That's a *LOT* better way to find
this drive (in your case, by-id might work, and by-uuid will almost
definitely work, assuming a new-enough udev that can find the UUID of a
LUKS volume).  Maybe poke around in /dev/disk when you're at the busybox
prompt, and see what you can find.

(If it doesn't bring up udev and let you use those symlinks, then ...
why not?  :-P  Not a question for you obviously, but more for the Debian

Anyway, then you don't care which sd* name is given to this device,
since you're using an explicitly-guaranteed-stable name for it.

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