[dm-crypt] xfs and fstab

Si St sigbj-st at operamail.com
Thu Jan 7 19:51:28 CET 2010

The SLED 10 SP3 will not on boot-time open and mount a dm-cryptLUKS partition formated with XFS filesystem.
Also a 4th field "luks" is recognized as unknown. This does not mean anything, because dmcryptLUKS partition formated as reiserfs is actually opened and mounted although 'unknown option' error.

I would assume that some crypttab-configurations on different linux OS have not the 'luks' option implemented(?). In the case of filecontainers formated with reiserfs, the 4th field as 'loop' is necessary and here there is no 'unknown' error.

Here the main problem is XFS.

With 'cryptsetup openLuks' and 'mount' manually the xfs-partitions comes up. But not with crypttab and fstab configs.

Again reiserfs comes up with crypttab/fstab with just a slight notation about the 'luks' option 4th field (I probably just skip the 4th field, as several man pages on the net describe it as optional). XFS does not come up with empty 4th field either.

Any wise brain here as to this matter?


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