[dm-crypt] crypsetup segfaulting during luksFormat

Milan Broz mbroz at redhat.com
Wed Jul 7 23:22:52 CEST 2010

On 07/07/2010 10:58 PM, Sven Eschenberg wrote:
> For starters, I'll select the easiest case, plain luksFormat without
> special params:


> The segfault comes way before the 10 seconds are over, that much I can
> tell already. For the other info: I'm on gentoo, 10.0, hardened profile,
> on amd64 arch.

Which gcc? (gcc --version)

I am using gentoo (but 32bit) for upstream testing,
it should fail here too then:)

But that code is there since 1.1.0, so I guess something in gcc/glibc
changed probably and uncovers some old bug.

> Currently no core file is created, can you give me a fast shot on how I
> force the system to write out a core?

try "ulimit -c unlimited" and then run that command

you can also define where core files will be stored using
sysctl kernel.core_pattern=/<some dir>/core 


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