[dm-crypt] crypsetup segfaulting during luksFormat

Sven Eschenberg sven at whgl.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Jul 8 04:22:35 CEST 2010

Okay, let's see:

gcc --version 
gcc (Gentoo Hardened 4.4.4-r1 p1.0, pie-0.4.5) 4.4.4
Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is

I am not really sure it is a problem in the source, maybe some awkward

If you say, the source did not change, maybe you could recommend some
sort of testing scenario. I'd feel happy to contribute here. Currently I
feel just stuck...



P.S.: Last time I had to set up a mapping(initially) (as in luksFormat)
was like 1 year ago (or somethign amog these figures)... so maybe I just
did not hit the bug (before) in the last couple of months ...

On Wed, 2010-07-07 at 23:22 +0200, Milan Broz wrote:
> On 07/07/2010 10:58 PM, Sven Eschenberg wrote:
> > For starters, I'll select the easiest case, plain luksFormat without
> > special params:
> thanks.
> > The segfault comes way before the 10 seconds are over, that much I can
> > tell already. For the other info: I'm on gentoo, 10.0, hardened profile,
> > on amd64 arch.
> Which gcc? (gcc --version)
> I am using gentoo (but 32bit) for upstream testing,
> it should fail here too then:)
> But that code is there since 1.1.0, so I guess something in gcc/glibc
> changed probably and uncovers some old bug.
> > Currently no core file is created, can you give me a fast shot on how I
> > force the system to write out a core?
> try "ulimit -c unlimited" and then run that command
> you can also define where core files will be stored using
> sysctl kernel.core_pattern=/<some dir>/core 
> Milan
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