[dm-crypt] Protection against data failure

Marc Ballarin ballarin.marc at gmx.de
Wed Aug 10 14:12:59 CEST 2011


> ...
> What I'm looking for is a way to protect the system from myself.
> Hardware is one way and with that I can protect myself against
> hardware failure good enough with raid and SMART disk.
> But if I accidental overwrite the first part of the disk or some other
> important part can I protect myself from that?

Just make complete backups. Instead of putting your second hard disk in a
mirror-RAID, put it in an eSATA or USB chassis or in some NAS device.

RAID-1 does not replace backups. Its primary purpose isn't even data safety
but high system availabilty - and unless you really need this, it is rather
As you (unlike many others) recognized, you are the biggest danger yourself
and the only way to protect against this, is regular backups. Either
incremental/differential backups or - in my opinion ans experience much
preferable at home: simple backups in combination with some snapshotting
mechanism (LVM, btrfs, ZFS, ...).

(You can use snapshots at your backup source to get consistent data, but
also at the target to keep old versions.)

Simply encrypt your backup disk using its own LUKS header and don't even
bother with special header backups.


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