[dm-crypt] dm-crypt on SSD gives regular file corruption and segfaults

Milan Broz mbroz at redhat.com
Mon Dec 26 10:05:31 CET 2011

On 12/26/11 05:56, Jeff Cook wrote:
> I'm not sure if the cause of this is the SSD or dm-crypt or what, but I
> thought I would ask here if anyone had similar problems. My SSD with
> ext4 and dm-crypt experiences significant corruptions and frequent,
> seemingly-random segfaults. Data transferred to my disk will offer
> different md5sums and sometimes large things consider themselves
> corrupted. Has anyone experience things on dm-crypt or SSD? I am just
> curious if this should be attributed to the dm-crypt software layer or
> if I need to start looking more into the hardware.

Check your hw first - mainly SSD and RAM.
I saw several such corruptions on SSD recently and it was always hw related.

You will probably see the same problem even if you use your disk directly
without dmcrypt, just not so often - encryption usually makes small
data corruption worse because of error distribution during encryption
(one corrupted bit in underlying device  -> at least 16 byte block 
corrupted after decryption - for fs bitmap array this is fatal error).


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