[dm-crypt] recover old crypt partition

Jan Christoph Uhde linux at obiwahn.org
Thu Jan 6 16:33:52 CET 2011

 > "sign"? Do you mean "character"? If so, 13 known, 6 unknown and
 > another 4 from 5 possibilities gives you 256^6 * 5^4  = 1.76*10^17
 > possibilities, which is a bit outside of what you can just try.
 > Anything more known about the uunknowen ones?

the password is in the From:

UKKKKKKKKKKKKKUUU   where U in %,#,$,_,!,^

 > Is this plain dm-crypt?

i used cryptsetup in debian sid

PS: I did not receive a mail jet so please excuse that i am not replying 
i a proper way.


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