[dm-crypt] MK Digest Size

Milan Broz mbroz at redhat.com
Sun Jul 10 20:17:04 CEST 2011

On 07/10/2011 06:29 PM, Jorge Fábregas wrote:
> I'm new to DM-Crypt/LUKS and I'm wondering why is it that, when I format
> a partition (luksFormat) using --hash sha256, I still get to see 20 HEX
> characters (160 bits) for the MK digest?  Shouldn't I see 32 HEX chars
> (256 bits)?   Or is that sha256 is used in the PBKDF2 process but the
> function is instructed to deliver just 160 bits?

Yes, it uses sha256 but only first 20 bytes is stored. This is limitation
of the current LUKS on-disk header (20 bytes was fixed length of SHA1).

MK digest is just for verification that decrypted key is correct,
20 bytes is enough for that.

> One final thing just to make sure:  is the algorithm that appears under
> "Hash spec" in the header..is this the same hash-algorithm used (along
> with PBKDF2) for the user-keys? as well as the one used with PBKDF2 for
> the MK digest?

Yes, hash algorithm in LUKS header is used in PBKDF2 and AF splitter.

> The man page says for the hash option:   ...used in LUKS key setup
> scheme and volume key digest.  So it appears that "Hash spec" is used
> for both...but then, I don't understand why I get just 160 bits when I
> specify sha256 :(

See above, header structure is fixed, change would mean binary incompatibility.
Only MK digest is limited here, in all other cases it uses real length of


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