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Christoph Anton Mitterer mitterer at physik.uni-muenchen.de
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$ sha512sum cryptsetup-openpgp_1.2.0.0.tar.xz


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Quoting Il Sdrucciole <sdrucciole at gmail.com>:
> Er... As far as I knew, don't OpenPGP use RSA by default ?
a) OpenPGP uses symmetric ciphers to encrypt the actual data packets   
and the asymmetric algo is "just" used to encrypt the   
session-key-packet which holds the key used with the symmetric cipher.

b) The OpenPGP standard doesn't mandate default algos (just some   
subsets that implementations must support), and RSA is e.g. just the   
choice of GnuPG (and perhaps also others).

>> Thank you alot for your answer. I would appreciate very much getting your
> script, to understand how you do things.
See the attachment, which is provided "as is".
Not that this is really made for the keyscripts framework provided   
with Debian (and stealing distros like *buntu), but of course you can   
modify them to work with anything you need.
Also not, if you use them with Debian: The maintainer didn't accept to  
  include them because... well I never really understood just a single  
  point why,... but if he changes other cryptsetup scripts, mine might  
  not longer work without being updated, too.


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