[dm-crypt] What are the security implications if I have the key using dmsetup?

Arno Wagner arno at wagner.name
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On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:37:50AM +0530, saurabhasamanta at bel.co.in wrote:
> I am new to disk based encryption techniques . I have encrypted the disk
> using cryptsetup. I used dmsetup tool where I am able to see the table
> with the keys and encryption details. Following steps were followed
> 1. Encrypting of the disk (pendrive) using "cryptsetup"
> 2. Creating the file system using "mkfs"
> 3. Mounting of disk
> 4. Unmounted the disk.
> 5. Reinserted the disk
> 6. Used "dmsetup table --showkeys" to get the table.
> 7. Used the table values and dmsetup tool to mount the disk.
> Question I would like to ask:
> 1. Is this a loophole or vulnerability that key is accessible?

No. If you are root on a Linux system, you can read the whole
memory anyways, and the key is somewhere in the memory image.
Also if the container is mapped, root can access anything in it

> 2. What are the security implications if I have the key using dmsetup?

None. Unless you store it somewhere. For a discussion of
LUKS header backups and storing the master key, see the
cryptsetup FAQ.

> 3. How secure is my disk ?

Answering that question requires a full risk analysis.

> 4. Is there any solution to hide the key from getting exposed?

Protect your root account.

It seems, however, what you did forget in your test was to 
unmap the encrypted container. Until you do, the key is in 
memory. Unmounting does not remove that mapping. Use
"cryptsetup remove <device mapped to>" for plain and
"cryptsetup luksClose <device mapped to>" for LUKS
containers to remove the mapping, which also removes the key 
from memory.


> Thank you.
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