[dm-crypt] two factor authentication with zuluCrypt

Milan Broz mbroz at redhat.com
Mon Oct 17 17:47:31 CEST 2011

On 10/17/2011 04:39 PM, .. ink .. wrote:
> Why doesnt cryptsetup support two factor authentication?

I like the Unix approach - one simple program, one function.

cryptsetup is nothing more than low-level configuration
for dmcrypt and on-disk metadata (key management) wrapper.
And provides library covering that.

You can build various plugins (see e.g. how pam_mount
or systemd uses libcryptsetup) but I would like to cryptsetup
remains simple utility just for this exact task.

(But maybe we should add various wrappers to code tree later.)

> That is why i started this project with two requirements, it has to
> work without requiring root's  password(suid program) and it must
> work with encrypted files, of type "plain" because thats what we have
> mostly. It already does what i want, i am working on it further to
> learn more and make cryptsetup easier to use for others too.

That's fine. Just now it is time to do it properly if you want
others to use it;-)

> Can you clarify on this? it will not work because dlopen isnt
> present/works differently in 64 bit or because the search path in my
> code does not include /lib64?

Just use it as shared library and use libcryptsetup.h, see for example
docs/examples in cryptsetup source tree. (Btw if you need more examples,
just tell me, we can add something there for reference.)

> but why you are doing this at all? There are versioned symbols, you
> should link the program directly to library... (Otherwise after
> upgrade in future this can do really bad things.)
> because this is my first attempt at meaning programming and i am
> creating an suid program without really comprehending a lot of what i
> am doing and suid program in linux are practically considered a sin,
> was just trying to cover my bases by being as specific as i can. I
> though going straight and manually picking a library will be more
> secure. Will go back to linking directly. Thanks for the input.

Currently libcryptsetup is designed to run root-only.
(The main reason is that device-mapper in kernel require root
capability for all operations. I hope this will change in future
and user will be able to create private devices without requiring
root privilege - but we are not there yet.)

> I could have statically link against the library but pclinuxos does
> not ship with the static library,  cryptsetup only build it on
> request at build time and i though other distros also do not ship
> with the static library and this could inconvenience users and thats
> why i went with the shared library.

Avoid static libraries if possible. (If done properly, it can be
more secure but usually it is security disaster - usually nobody cares
about properly rebuilding all dependencies if problem is found.
Most of recent generic distros are using dynamic libraries only.)

Or better (but I think it is not good idea for GUI) - provide option
to link statically.

> While we are talking about cleaning the code, from what i know so
> far, "mount/umount" system calls do not add entries in "/etc/mtab"
> and tools like kdiskfree do not show these opened volumes if they do
> not have entries in mtab, manually editing the file corrupts it and
> that is why i use "mount/umount" cli tools through popen because they
> do whatever they to do add entries in mtab on mounting and unmounting
> volumes.

/etc/mtab is on many systems just link to /proc/mounts, you cannot edit
it directly.

What exactly you are trying to do? mount/kernel should handle this file.

And mounted fs is not the only possible user of LUKS volume, you can have
mapped LVM volumes over it, MD raid, loopback, partition, ....


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