[dm-crypt] Strance performance problems

Philipp Wendler ml at philippwendler.de
Thu Oct 27 20:34:59 CEST 2011


Am 27.10.2011 18:11, schrieb morlix:

> Which brings ~5MB/s write performance on the encrypted raid 5.
> What i find strange is the huge avgqu-sz.
> I have no clue what the reason for this poor write performance could be.
> Thanks for every hint to resolve this issue.

I have the same problem[1][2].
One other person with the same problem contacted me after this.
Apparently for him a smaller chunk size of the raid 5 (64k instead of
512k) solved the problem, but I have not been able to test this yet. I
would be very interested to know whether this helps for you.

Greetings, Philipp

[1] http://www.saout.de/pipermail/dm-crypt/2011-July/001773.html
[2] http://superuser.com/q/305716/84630

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