[dm-crypt] please HELP - can't acces encrypted LVM after linux reinstallation.

Rick Moritz rahvin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:37:12 CEST 2011

you are quite right here:

> I now realize what might have happened. As I explained I set up same
> passphrase again on this crypt disk when installing new system. But I
> suspect, encryption key underneath could be changed and LVM is now
> scrambled?

This is sadly a common problem with some installers, that has been
brought up once or twice before on this list.

Unless you have a backup of the LUKS-header your data is
"cryptographically hard" (read: impossible) to recover (also read the
dm-crypt FAQ regarding this kind of problem).
If you do have a header backup, you should be able to replace the
current header and except for some minor damage you might be able to
gain access; this depends largely on how well LVM deals with the
damage dealt by the new LVM created by the installer.
If you decide to attempt rescue, make sure to do all operations on a
backup copy, or your chances at recovery will be even slimmer.

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