[dm-crypt] openLuks failing - semaphore weird bug involved ?

Ric Flomag ricflomag at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 17:46:42 CEST 2011

Claudio and Arno,

Thank you for your kind help. I have tried the following:
 * manually unlock the partition with a Fedora 15 live (it has cryptsetup
1.3), and with an Ubuntu 11.04 live (which has 1.1 without the updates
installed on my system). No luck, cryptsetup returns "no available key".
 * looked at the hex data of the keyslot (between 0x01000 and 0x20400) : no
obvious patterns

As for a possible problem with seahorse: I use the same password on both
hard drives, seahorse shows them correctly, i can manually unlock the other
hard drive with the password and with seahorse... so I don't think that the
problem lies here.

Unfortunately i had not backed up the header nor retrieved the master key.
It's ok though, this hard drive only contains backups and unimportant stuff.
I'll just format the partition if I don't find a solution. And then backup
the header and the master key :D

What worries me is that I have no clue what happened. A damage to the header
is it possible without any signs of it ?

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