[dm-crypt] Retrieve the Passphrase from RAM Memory

Eduardo Schultze duduschultze at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 04:34:05 CEST 2011


I'm a Security Information student at Unisinos College, Brazil. As a paper
during this semester it was me and my colleagues choice to write a paper
about LUKS on Ubuntu 10.4.

My question is -  Is it possible to retrieve the passphrase from RAM memory
after a successful authentication and shutdown? Is this case we would turn
the system on, authenticate, turn off, and then check if the passphrase
would still be in the RAM memory even with the turned off computer.

If not, would it be possible to dump the RAM memory and retrieve the
passphrase (now with the system turned on)?

I looked for these answers at the FAQ section but couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance,
Eduardo Schultze.
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