[dm-crypt] Secret data from stdin

Kent Yoder shpedoikal at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 17:12:27 CEST 2012

Hi Arno,

>> This appears to work (no message printed, exit status 0).
>> What might not be obvious is that if binary_secret contains a '\n'
>> character, input gets truncated at this point.
> This is documented in the man-page of the current release under

  You were right - I was looking at an old git version. The new
version is clearer IMO.

>> This should probably be clearer in the man page at a
>> minimum (see patch), but I think a warning is appropriate too.
>> Secret processing that stops at \n isn't appropriate for binary
>> data.
> And that is the thing here. A passphrase is _not_ binary data!
> Doing
>    "cat binary_secret | cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/loop0"
> is inherently wrong. What you need to do is
>   "cat file_with_passphrase_that_could_also_be_entered_interactively
>   | cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/loop0"

  I agree - just seeing a script that did the first one made me wonder
if it even worked.

> As to your patch, I am unable to match your patch to the
> current version of the man-page. Did you do a "git pull"
> before? May also be a problem on my side, please verify:
>> md5sum cryptsetup.8
> 4fd70bbd1018f95818902144499c2234  cryptsetup.8

  Yep, I am out of date here.  What do you think about a code change
that woudl print a big fat warning if non-ascii bytes are detected on
stdin?  Not changing the behavior (we don't want to break people who
might be already doing this), but just a warning.


> Arno
>> Thanks,
>> Kent
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>> diff --git a/man/cryptsetup.8 b/man/cryptsetup.8
>> index b9298a5..f8d7abb 100644
>> --- a/man/cryptsetup.8
>> +++ b/man/cryptsetup.8
>> @@ -476,7 +476,8 @@ will quit with an error.
>>  If \-\-key-file=- is used for reading the key from stdin, no
>>  trailing newline is stripped from the input. Without that option,
>> -cryptsetup strips trailing newlines from stdin input.
>> +cryptsetup stops reading from stdin when it encounters a newline,
>> +even if found in your binary key data!
>>  LUKS uses PBKDF2 to protect against dictionary attacks (see RFC 2898).
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