[dm-crypt] Building error

demo demo demodemodx at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 08:43:49 CEST 2012

> (I will perhaps remove it upstream as well so the basic example compiles
> even on older versions of library.)

Hi, Milan.

At the end, the production box has CentOS 5.7 and all
disk already encrypted with cryptsetup-luks-1.0.3 !

I thought to upgrade it to one of more recent version but it's really
complex due to dependencies incompatibility.

I also found that libcryptsetup.h v 1.0.3 has more differences compared to
libcryptsetup.h used by API example file. So this suggest me that there is
no way to use the example with very old library!

Also I tryied to figure out how to extract and use the old crypt_luksOpen()
function but it's hard form me to follow all the #define present in the
whole cryptsetup package.

So can you provide me an example code that use the ancient crypt_luksOpen()
function and its relates gcc args used to compile it?

ps. sorry for pm msg
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