[dm-crypt] Building error

Milan Broz mbroz at redhat.com
Thu Aug 16 12:52:07 CEST 2012

On 08/16/2012 08:43 AM, demo demo wrote:

> At the end, the production box has CentOS 5.7 and all disk already
> encrypted with cryptsetup-luks-1.0.3 !
> I thought to upgrade it to one of more recent version but it's really
> complex due to dependencies incompatibility.
> I also found that libcryptsetup.h v 1.0.3 has more differences
> compared to libcryptsetup.h used by API example file. So this suggest
> me that there is no way to use the example with very old library!

I responded to mail where you mentioned CentOS 6.

For RHEL5 no way, it has just old API. We backported many extension to RHEL5.8,
so cryptsetup+kernel dmcrypt should be able to open all LUKS device
formatted in recent versions but API library is obsolete anyway.

> Also I tryied to figure out how to extract and use the old
> crypt_luksOpen() function but it's hard form me to follow all the
> #define present in the whole cryptsetup package.
> So can you provide me an example code that use the ancient
> crypt_luksOpen() function and its relates gcc args used to compile
> it?

Isn't better to just use binary then? Your code will not work on recent
distros (in RHEL6 there is still compatible library but not upstream anymore).

Whatever, see file in attachment, it can be compiled both on RHEL5
and RHEL6 (but not upstream anymore), just with
cc -o luks_test luks_test.c -g -O0 -lcryptsetup -lgcrypt -ldevmapper -luuid

The #ifdef is the because of incompatible changes in header (and API/ABI), one
of the reasons the old API was obsoleted.

If you need anything else... read the source please (test/api-test.c
in RHEL6 version source should give you more hints).

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