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Thu Aug 16 13:13:34 CEST 2012

2012/8/16 Milan Broz <mbroz at redhat.com>

> On 08/16/2012 08:43 AM, demo demo wrote:
> > At the end, the production box has CentOS 5.7 and all disk already
> > encrypted with cryptsetup-luks-1.0.3 !
> >
> > I thought to upgrade it to one of more recent version but it's really
> > complex due to dependencies incompatibility.
> >
> > I also found that libcryptsetup.h v 1.0.3 has more differences
> > compared to libcryptsetup.h used by API example file. So this suggest
> > me that there is no way to use the example with very old library!
> I responded to mail where you mentioned CentOS 6.
> For RHEL5 no way, it has just old API. We backported many extension to
> RHEL5.8,
> so cryptsetup+kernel dmcrypt should be able to open all LUKS device
> formatted in recent versions but API library is obsolete anyway.
> > Also I tryied to figure out how to extract and use the old
> > crypt_luksOpen() function but it's hard form me to follow all the
> > #define present in the whole cryptsetup package.
> >
> > So can you provide me an example code that use the ancient
> > crypt_luksOpen() function and its relates gcc args used to compile
> > it?
> Isn't better to just use binary then? Your code will not work on recent
> distros (in RHEL6 there is still compatible library but not upstream
> anymore).
> Whatever, see file in attachment, it can be compiled both on RHEL5
> and RHEL6 (but not upstream anymore), just with
> cc -o luks_test luks_test.c -g -O0 -lcryptsetup -lgcrypt -ldevmapper -luuid
> The #ifdef is the because of incompatible changes in header (and API/ABI),
> one
> of the reasons the old API was obsoleted.
> If you need anything else... read the source please (test/api-test.c
> in RHEL6 version source should give you more hints).
> Milan

ok. thank you so much.
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