[dm-crypt] Problems with my LUKs password

Rodrigo Cano rcano at cl.ibm.com
Tue Aug 21 01:58:23 CEST 2012


           I have linux araund 4 month ago and I work for IBM.  One week 
ago, I have problems with LUKs password and I could recover with the 
procedure.  However, only can inside in the machine in '' Fail Boot Mode 
''.    I had trayed diferent ways, but is imposible to inside in the 
normal form.

           Do you know how fix or do you know someone who can help me ? 
Maybe I need some comand to fix it....


Rodrigo Cano Pérez
SYSTEM SERVICES REP/ACCOU / System P, Storage and San Hardware 
Global Technology Services / 0801
Av. Providencia 655
Santiago De Chile, 750-0261
Phone: +56-2-2006670
Mobile: 09-9549-5752
e-mail: rcano at cl.ibm.com
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