[dm-crypt] dm-crypt multithreaded yet?

Milan Broz gmazyland at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 19:15:10 CET 2012

On 12/16/2012 01:10 PM, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> On 12-08-08 11:39 AM, Milan Broz wrote:
>> Anyway, I have patches rebased for 3.5/3.6-rc here
>> http://mbroz.fedorapeople.org/dm-crypt/
> Unfortunately the files in http://mbroz.fedorapeople.org/dm-crypt/3.6-rc
> all return 403 trying to fetch them.

No idea why it turned world non-readable, fixed.
>> If you can test it and prove it helps for your use case, its would
>> be nice. Just take it as experimental, there can be bugs still.
> I was going to try this on an FC18 kernel.  Are you using these patches
> by any chance?

But I am afraid I did not find any real situation where these patches
really helps (AND not cause problems with different pattern).
See also discussion on dm-devel list, I still think generic
kernel workqueues should be used to provide such parallelization and
we should not duplicate code in dm-crypt...

My suggestion is that using AES-NI extension helps much more with
the current upstream code than anything else (for AES, obviously).


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