[dm-crypt] LUKS keyslot invalid

wpc95 wpc95 at gmx.de
Sat Dec 29 23:03:25 CET 2012


i am running LUKS for the last years without any problems, but now have
encountered a strange behaviour of cryptsetup. A workstation has 4
SATA-drives, 3 of them encrypted with LUKS. Running Ubuntu 10.04 (cryptsetup
1.1.0-rc) all encrypted drives can be opened and accessed without any
hassle. Running Ubuntu 12.04 (cryptsetup 1.4.0) LUKS claims for 2 of the
encrypted drives, that 'LUKS keyslot 4 is invalid'. Due to the fact that the
option 'repair' was launched with cryptsetup 1.4.1, i have started the
computer with an actual live-linux. But the result with cryptsetup 1.5.0 is
the same as with 1.4.0: it claims, that 'LUKS keyslot 4 is invalid. Invalid
offset 1576471435 [first drive] 3746914134 [second drive] in keyslot 4.' The
repair option says that repair failed with code 22 and a manual repair is
required. How is a 'manual repair' done and why does the error does not
appear with cryptsetup 1.1.0-rc? I have - of course - backups of the
4K-headers and the complete data of all drives. :-)

Thanks for any suggestions,

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