[dm-crypt] Unlocking volume using master key

anirudh takkallapally anirudh.takkallapally at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 00:21:33 CET 2012

Ok cool, thanks for the quick response.

i am compiling cryptsetup, so can i am guessing i will be able to call
libcryptsetup API.

int crypt_init_by_name(struct crypt_device **cd, const char *name);
to get the crypt_device.

And then use the below code to unlock the volume.

int crypt_activate_by_volume_key(struct crypt_device *cd,
        const char *name,
        const char *volume_key,
        size_t volume_key_size,
        uint32_t flags);
to unlock the volume?

Is this the way to do it and if yes what should be the default flags.


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