[dm-crypt] Low Entropy key generation revisited

Arno Wagner arno at wagner.name
Wed Feb 15 20:54:45 CET 2012

There are currently two result being published on RSA keys 
found in the wild. As the problem of low-entropy 
(e.g. initial boot) situations has been discussed here,
I thought somebody may be interested in this.

Bottom line is that OpenSSL key-generation can produce
weak RSA keys with non-negliable probability when doing the
key-generation in an entropy-starved situation and that 
devices with these weak keys can be found and attacked 
efficiently. This does require gathering a lot (ideally
all) RSA keys in use.

Fix is to use better entropy-gathering, even if it takes 
time. Also, non-RSA keys are not affected by this specific 
attack (but their security does still suffer when they
are generated incorrectly in an entripoy-starved situation).

Note that LUKS is not affected by this new attack as it 
does not use RSA keys. For the effects of a low-entropy
situation on LUKS, see the mailing list archives. Plain 
dm-crypt is not affected by entropy-gathering at all.



1. Good short explanation on freedom-to-tinker by research 
   group 2 (read this first):

2. Paper by research group 1:

3. Original and followup Slashdot articles:

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