[dm-crypt] /etc/crypttab not needed?

Markus Melms public1 at divara.de
Fri Jan 20 16:18:20 CET 2012


what is the advantage of using /etc/crypttab?

When I was using it, I got errors during shutdown: "stopping early
crypto disks failed". This sounds sensible since the root-fs is

Now that I'm not using it, disks still get mounted on startup and the
error during shutdown is gone.

Is it ok to not use /etc/crypttab? I'd rather not use it, makes it
easier for me to synchronise /etc between different clients.


My configuration: Debian Squeeze, cryptsetup 1.1.3, Kernel 2.6.32.
Im booting using an initrd. 
/dev/mapper/root_crypt is mounted on /
/dev/sda2 is mounted on /boot

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