[dm-crypt] Avoiding cold boot attack : frozencache or luksSuspend?

octane indice octane at alinto.com
Wed Jul 18 17:13:04 CEST 2012


I have a laptop encrypted with cryptsetup+luks. I'm concerned with cold-boot
attacks and I want to avoid them.

I think we can have two ways:

I found a project: http://frozencache.blogspot.fr/ which goal is to defeat
cold boot attacks.
-last post has made in 2009
-no link for project
-no email of developer
So, does anybody knows something about the availibility of frozen cache? A
conference in CCC says so, but there is not much information
Does somebody knows more about frozencache?

Using cryptsetup luksSuspend before going to hibernation and when you lock
your screen.
But you must need some help to resume from hibernation or screensaver.
For screensaver we can imagine something in a ram disk
For hibernation, maybe some stuff in the /boot partition?
Did somebody try something like that?

Thank you

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