[dm-crypt] gpt over luks - entire data disk encryption

Two Spirit twospirit6905 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 23:46:44 CEST 2012


After some corruptions to my luks environment, I get an opportunity to make
some upgrades to my setup.
I need some help. I'm testing a raid5+1 environment, and would like to do
whole data disk encryptions
with GPT. once I partition the disk using GPT, I can't run the "cryptsetup
luksClose". I've done
whole disk encryption without a partition table with no problems, and I
also have done luks encryption
on a GPT partition without problems.

The only way I have found to be able to run luksClose is to blow away the
partition table(which is not
acceptable solution). I suspect that udevadm (running ubuntu-12.04) is
involved as a /dev/mapper/raid51p1
exists. When I get rid of the /dev/mapper/raid51p1, and only the
/dev/mapper/raid51 exists, I can then run "luksClose".

Is there anyway to have udevadm drop control or other workaround so I can
cleanly close my LUKS drive
for a clean shutdown procedure.

fyi: With the new 4TB drives in my raid, I have the luxury of some extra
disk space and want the option of later
creating additional partitions and possibly remove them later. I don't want
to have to encrypt each partition
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