[dm-crypt] Another LUKS problem

tada at riseup.net tada at riseup.net
Sat Jun 9 10:50:34 CEST 2012

Hey guys.

Straigh to the problem:
somehow partition table of my external harddrive got corrupted after last
reboot. I did managed to restore the whole table with testdisk, but
somehow the program was able to set up LUKS partition only to 1MB (i
suppose it was able to figure only the header of the partition). The
partition is at very beginning of the drive - starts at 63 and ends at
2118 (giving 2048 total sectors for the header)

So the first question - is the header proper sized? I mean can it get
corrupted by testdisk partition table writing procedure?

And the other question - if i resize partition with fdisk (deleting and
recreating it with restoring LUKS header at the very beginning) will it
give me the possibility to access the data again? The thingy for now is
that whenever i try to luksOpen the 1MB partition it returns me "Requested
offset is beyond real size of device /dev/sdb1" which i suppose is good,
and only thing i need is resizing the partition.

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