[dm-crypt] Newbie questions: how to configure and mount an encrypted partition on bootup?

Philipp Wendler ml at philippwendler.de
Mon Mar 19 08:27:27 CET 2012


Am 19.03.2012 04:33, schrieb David Li:

>         2.      On each subsequent boot, how would I let dm-crypt to
> automatically retrieve the passphrase once the user logins into the system.
> Assume that the passphrase has been stored on the same server to store the
> root fs. I don't want to force him to type in the LUKS passphrase again to
> unlock the partitions.

As Arno said, this is not secure at all.
However, one can use the login password of the user (which is typed in
anyway), either directly or indirectly. For example the gnome-keyring
can securely store passwords and is decrypted automatically on login
without an additional password.
It might be easier for you to use ecryptfs, though. This does what you
want by default (per-user encryption with no additional password to
enter), you just need to set up an encrypted directory once for each
user (could probably be automated).

Of course, this is only secure if the login password is strong and the
system and its administrator can be trusted.

Greetings, Philipp

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