[dm-crypt] encryption of single files using cryptsetup ala gpg -c

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Wed May 9 01:41:34 CEST 2012

> If you just put an encrypted filesystem in a file, that is
> basically described in FAQ item 2.3. Is that what you are
> doing? But that is not file encryption. That is still
> filesystem encryption with all its limitations compared to
> file encryption, but the advantage that you can change sectors
> without influencing others.
> Yes,that is what i do,i didnt pay attention to what i was writing when
talking about encrypted volumes. When creating encrypted volumes in files,I
first create a container file,open a mapper against it and then put a file
system through the mapper and hence it is file system encryption,not file

What are the problems of using cryptsetup specifically or aes-cbc in
general to do file encryption?

The encrypted file(in my case atleast) is not meant to be changed,it is
effectively "read only" cipher text file. If change need to be made,the
file will first have to be decrypted by creating a copy of the file in
plain text,then edit the file, then create another read only copy of the
file in cipher text.
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