[dm-crypt] force luksClose

Benjamin Eberhardt eberhab at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 14:02:33 CET 2012

Dear dm-crypt developers,

since a while I am using dm-crypt with luks on usb-attached external
harddisks. Sometimes the usb connection breaks down and the harddisks
get reconnected under different device names. It is then impossible to
unmount (the "regular" way) and luksClose the "old" device which is
still active. For unmounting i can use the "-l" "lazy" switch to kind
of force unmounting of the luks'ed filesystem even though it is still
"busy". A luksClose of the device although is impossible and the only
way i know so far is to reboot the machine. Is it possible to
implement some kind of lazy luksClose so that "dead" devices of which
the physical layer has dissappeared can be removed?

Thank you,

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