[dm-crypt] Debian Boot

Stéphane Bailleul bailleul_s at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 24 18:05:34 CEST 2012

Hi  My PC just crashed, the hard drive were encrypted ( I don't exactly know the method) but it was during the debian squeeze 64 bits installation, one of the optionMy Hard drive with a separate  / and Home /dev/sda1 was the //dev/sda5 was the home it seems that something went very bad on this computer, after turning it on nothing shows on the screen after the bios.Using the rescue option on my CD, I have been able to mount SDA1, I was trying to mount SDA5 but can notusing cryptsetup luksOpen is says that it is not a valid device there is no mapper in /sda1/dev Is there a way to mount sda5 and unencrypt the data ?I still have the password  I hope there is a solution CheersStephane   		 	   		  
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