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Thanks for replying.
You said,
"Ciphers and modes are the job of the kernel, not dm-crypt."

I am trying to understand if proprietary software can be used with dm-crypt.
I read it is in GPL mode. Which version? GPL v2, v3, LGPL...?
For example, there is some in-house proprietary developed code for AES-XTS.

If I understood your reply correctly, then dm-crypt will call these functions loaded into the kernel and there will not be any problem as the GPL code (dm-crypt) will not be linked with the proprietary code.
Is that so? 

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> Newbie here. I need to use dm-crypt with aes-xts. How is dm-crypt called? 

Refer to the man-page and the FAQ. 

> Is it possible to encrypt data while being saved on the fly?

That is its job. It is not possible to do it in any other way.

> Will there be file filters to encrypt/decrypt while saving 
> and opening the file?


> Is aes-xts provided elsewhere as a plugin? or is it part of dmcrypt?

Ciphers and modes are the job of the kernel, not dm-crypt.
It just uses them. 

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