[dm-crypt] No key available for this passphrase

Marcos marcos at tenak.net
Sat Sep 8 11:03:42 CEST 2012


I have a encrypted fs on my Archlinux laptop that I cannot unlock 

# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 vgroup
No key available for this passphrase

I updated yesterday my system and booted once successfully into it. 
After that I used the machine and created a live Ubuntu USB for a friend 
and tested it booting into it, live mode. I shutted it down and after 
that I'm unable to unlock the key of my encrypted partition.

I've done the following so far:

  * tested to write the passphrase using a US-layout keyboard to discard 
keymap problems
  * booted from a liveUSB and try to luksOpen it from there, with no 
success (using the right keymap, es_ES in my case)
  * plugged my harddisk via USB to another computer running Debian and 
tried to unlock it from there, no success neither.

AFAICT the luksHeader is OK:

# cryptsetup -v isLuks /dev/sda2
Command successful.

I installed the system few years ago following this guide: 
http://www.pindarsign.de/webblog/?p=767 in case you want no know how 
luks was setup.

Can any one give some hints on what to do now? Do you need more 
information about it?

My last backup is from some time ago and I'm really worried about my 
data now.

Thanks in advance,

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