[dm-crypt] Re2: No key available for this passphrase

Arno Wagner arno at wagner.name
Sun Sep 9 01:16:14 CEST 2012

You also should probably look at the key-encoding angle further.
It is not quite as simple as it seems, see FAQ item 1.2,
"PASSPHRASE CHARACTER SET". The problem is that not only
may your keymap change after some updates and you end up 
inputting the wrong characters, you may also enter the 
same characters (visible), but theior encoding has changed. 

Your one successful mapping after update may not be
as good as it seems. If you enter the passphrase before
the encoding is set, but after that the system changes 
the encoding for password entry (something to it may do on
first boot after update...), you could enter your passphrase
once, it works, but then the system changes it and it does
not work again.

The thing is that all except the 94 printable characters from
change their encoding when the system is updated to use
UTF-8. Cryptestup reads the passphrase in binary and the
characters not in ASCII 7-bit will look different to it.

Your header and keyslot looks fine, we have this one
successful unlock, but not additional ones. This makes 
me kind of suspicuous. 

- Do you have any characters in your passphrase that are
  not in the table on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII?

- Has the system possibly changed the character encoding?

- Did the second system you tried the unlock on already have
  the update you did on the first system? 

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