[dm-crypt] No key available for this passphrase

Marcos marcos at tenak.net
Sun Sep 9 16:06:49 CEST 2012


On 09.09.2012 14:49, Arno Wagner wrote:
> Well, on one hand I am glad my tool actually works, on the
> other hand this means your data is really gone.

Thanks for your time and knowledge :-)

I'm gonna drink a toast for the lost bits. Then I probably should
start backing up my stuff!

> Wonder how that got in there though. Maybe used as swap because
> of the leftover signature?

That would be insteresting to know.

>> One thing I don't understand: as per the docs I read for setting
>> the encryption, I selected a size of 384 bits for the key (that
>> in the case of lrw just 256 are used). What are we looking for
>> at 0x2ee00 far?
> LUKS splits the key (really: blows it up) with the AF splitter.
> It blows it up to exactly 4000 times the original key size.
> Your key is 384 bit = 48 B. 48 * 4000 = 192'000 = 0x2ee00.
> And then add the start-offset (which I forgot ;-) to get
> 0x2fe00.

Now I see :-)

Again, thanks a lot!

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