[dm-crypt] few questions on truecrypt and luks

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Sun Apr 14 18:56:19 CEST 2013

> In any case - if anyone using cryptsetup tcrypt commands - please
> report problems and bugs found.
> Also successful stories welcomed - actually I have no idea if anyone
> using it already and feedback (even completely anonymous and possibly
> negative) is very important. Thanks.

> - I want to see real users (of already formatted device) before investing
> time to any foreign format or key change operation
Real users are out there and i am hearing from them and i am playing my
part in advertising truecrypt support in cryptsetup,it helps my project's
adoption :-)

There is,for example,this link

There is this link:

cryptsetup can be added to the list. I tried to write an email to  fedora
mailing list asking cryptsetup to be added to the list but my email was
bounced back to me i think its because i was not a member of the list.

I dont think truecrypt support with cannibalize LUKS adoption.From what i
know and what i am hearing,most users of truecrypt in linux use it because
it had a GUI but they would use something else if offered.Case in point
me.I started zuluCrypt specifically because i did not want to use truecrypt
and cryptsetup was the next best thing since i am linux only user.I could
have used truecrypt but i chose not to and using cryptsetup from the
terminal to manage my encrypted volumes in files was annoying enough for me
to do something about it.

I know of users who have switched from truecrypt to cryptsetup because
zuluCrypt now gives them an easy way to manage their encrypted volumes in
files.I think lack of GUI support for LUKS encrypted container  files was
the biggest selling point for truecrypt among linux only users.

I know of atleast one archlinux user who use LUKS and truecrypt volumes in
his system and he was using truecrypt binary for his truecrypt volume and
nautilus for his LUKS volumes.Now he only use zuluCrypt to manage both

I do not think linux users will choose truecrypt over luks if comparable
CLI and GUI tools exist for both.
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