[dm-crypt] Cryptsetup FAQ montly pointer 8/13

Alex Elsayed eternaleye at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 14:49:39 CEST 2013

Arno Wagner wrote:
> It does not work for encrypted swap. And it cannot work,
> as the UUID is stored in the partition itself. Just the same
> as an empty partition does not have an UUID...
> Arno

If you're on GPT then you have to option of PARTUUID and PARTLABEL,
which *are* present in such cases - that only works for raw partitions,
but may be something to think about.

I dodge the whole thing by putting my LVM PV on top of LUKS, and then having 
my swap in an LV. I need persistent swap (and thus LUKS, not random key) for 
hibernation anyway, and doing it as described brings the number of keys 
needed down to 1.

If I *had* RAID, I'd go (bottom to top) RAID -> LUKS -> LVM -> Swap/FS.

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