[dm-crypt] Cryptsetup FAQ montly pointer 8/13

Milan Broz gmazyland at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 22:47:25 CEST 2013

On 3.8.2013 19:57, Arno Wagner wrote:
>> For plain crypt (or Truecrypt) you have no UUID, so you cannot use it.
>> (You can use uuid/wwid of underlying device as mentioned above
>> but this is not be present always.)
> Indeed. I tried both when I wrote the entry, only to find that
> neither worked on my system (Debain with custom kernel).
> As this is not a distrioution specific FAQ (there are those)
> distribution specific stuff shopuld not go into it. Of course
> documentation for a specific distribution can contain specific
> advice that is not general, and some people have already asked
> me about such things, also with regard to encrypted swap.

Device UUID/model etc should not be distribution specific,
udev /dev/disk/by-id* is quite standard among distibutions here.

In fact, udev reads it directly from /sys attributes, as the same
as lsblk does.

Maybe FAQ should also note that kernel device names (sda/sdb etc) is
NOT generaly persistent between reboots. (Usually it is the same but
nothing guarantees it, e.g. plugged USB disk or new SATA card can change
ordering and names). This is important mainly if you use swap keyword
whis is formatted on boot.


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