[dm-crypt] Practical malleability attack agains CBC-Encrypted LUKS partitions

Arno Wagner arno at wagner.name
Mon Dec 23 12:33:25 CET 2013

On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 23:06:25 CET, Milan Broz wrote:
> Below is very nice example of another "Evil maid" type attacks,
> here directly applied to LUKS CBC disks.
> I think it clearly shows known rule:
> If you let your machine out of your sight, it is no longer your machine.

Indeed! The attacher could just as well install a Blue Pill into the boot
record and then all is lost anyways.
> What is important (and blog mentions it)
> "It has already been known for a long time that CBC does not prevent
> a malleability attack (targeted manipulation of encrypted data) given
> that the attacker can modify the ciphertext and knows the corresponding
> plaintext as well."

References, e.g. 
[1] "New Methods in Hard Disk Encryption", Clemens Fruhwirth, 2005

> There is no integrity protection in LUKS devices (even cannot be
> for transparent disk encryption because there is no additional space
> to store integrity checksum / authentization tag data).
> Modification (random or malicious) of ciphertext is simply not detectable
> on the LUKS/dmcrypt level.
> BTW blog doesn't mention that CBC is no longer default mode for cryptsetup
> and was replaced by XTS mode.

The blogger recommends using XTS to fix the problem though. Funny. 
I guess if people were doing better research, we would be seeing less
blog postings....

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