[dm-crypt] TPM support for LUKS partitions

Zaolin zaolin at das-labor.org
Thu Feb 28 04:25:41 CET 2013


TPM support is hard.... I am working at the company which created the trusted grub, tpmmananger and tpm infineon kernel driver.
All of you guys want to use the TPM  software stack named TrouSers. This idea is really bad beacause it is an incomplete and broken tss.

The idea of TPM support in cryptsetup is great but i wanted to use the keyctl kernelspace key management in order to be free from TrouSers and initrd depencies.

There are also some known problems with Trusted Boot Systems:

* Consistent resealing after changes with PCR pre calculation. <-- It is really big shit.
* Multi User support
* Migration, this means backup abillity.
* Key Store of TrouSers

I had same idea a long time ago but i didn't finished my project. 

see -> www.tpmcrypt.org

I guess it makes more sense to implement this in cryptsetup as keyutils backend itself. It is also needed to modify the dm-crypt kernel interface and libdevmapper implementation.

Regards Zaolin

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