[dm-crypt] 1,5 TB partition: use cbc-essiv or xts-plain?

Peter Pfundstein Peter.Pfundstein at t-online.de
Thu Jan 3 10:50:44 CET 2013

Dear Henrik Theiling,

hope I address this email properly.

Just read a message from you in a portal about the " use cbc-essiv or xts-plain" from Aug 3, 2009.
You gave some explanation about the differences.

I just want to express my thanks for this very in-depth explanation that you made public available for others to learn.
Of course Google helped finding it. The explanation is excellent and understandable also for people not permanently involved in the matter.

Thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge and best regards from Germany !

Peter Pfundstein

Peter Pfundstein * Jordanstr. 6 * 35764 Sinn


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